Recent images for the La Trobe University Sports program…

Back from overseas, this is a series of images that I shot for the La Trobe University in Melbourne for their sports program and prospectus. I have been fortunate to shoot quite a lot of projects for the University over the last few years, but I must admit I particularly enjoyed this assignment. I was given a fairly free hand within the brief, and certainly enjoyed working with the athletes and the researchers to create some images that I hope are a little different from the standard ‘lab’ type shots.

Unfortunately due to time constraints, I only had approximately 7 or 8 minutes to get the Melbourne Heart images, so to a degree we had to play ‘safe’ and just get the shot, however the my thanks go out to John Aloisi (really nice guy) for the time he was able to give me…

Athlete jumping
Measuring the height it is possible to jump from a standing position… The athlete jumps and flicks the yellow measuring bars without using a run-up; taken in the LTU gait lab… As with many of the images, I have left an area of negative space for text etc  © Michael Evans Photographer 2013
image of an athlete being tested in the LTU gait lab
Measuring the gait or stride and motion of the athlete using sensors attached to the body, and special cameras that map the locomotion… © Michael Evans Photographer 2013

The following images are of the incredible Hannah MacDougall, a dual Paralympian who has captained the Australian Swimming Team at both the World Championships and the Paralympic Games. Unsurprisingly in chatting with Hannah during the shoot, she advised me that her current goal is a cycling gold in the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games… Event TBC… I certainly would not bet against her… She is also a motivational speaker, and during our time while being photographed, the consummate professional!

Paralympic cyclist Hannah McDougall
The highly inspirational Paralympic cyclist Hannah McDougall © Michael Evans 2013
Paralympic cyclist Hannah McDougall
Just a small amount of light from the Elinchrom added just a nice level of fill for this shot…again using the Nikon D3s and a 70-200 2.8 VR
Paralympic cyclist Hannah McDougall
I shot this using a low angle combined with a 14-24mm lens on a Nikon D3s…lighting was a Elinchrom Ranger Quadra

Last few images are of  the Melbourne Heart crew at their training pitch / facility at the La Trobe University. Again I used an Elinchrom Ranger Quadra, which at 400ws gives just enough output to combat the sun; certainly more than I could have achieved using just my Speedlights…

John Aloisi with his staff and player Iain Ramsay
Melbourne Heart coach John Aloisi with Callum Muirhead and player Iain Ramsay
Melbourne Heart coach John Aloisi with his staff and player Iain Ramsay
Iain Ramsay having fun with headers!
Melbourne Heart coach John Aloisi with his staff and player Iain Ramsay
Another take…

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