Simple corporate portrait…

I was recently commissioned by my friend Clark Kirby of Village Roadshow to update his corporate profile images. Having worked with Clark and his father Robert over a number of years, I knew that he would be an easy, accommodating and thoroughly professional subject to work with. Arriving at the Village Roadshow HQ at the Jam Factory in Chapel St, I quickly scoured the complex for appropriate locations.

As is usual in photographing busy executives I was working to a tight time-frame, however my intention was to translate some of the glamour of the movie business in which Clark is involved into his images. Clark was more than happy to indulge me to achieve a different feel to the portraits; we simply did not want the standard ‘behind the desk’ shot. I suppose it helped that I have known Clark for a number of years, but even so he was definitely very much at ease in front of the camera, and a superb model! Incidentally, I should point out that I have performed virtually no skin or eye retouching to these images..

Mr Clark Kirby, Village Roadshow LTD
Taken in the Village cinema Gold Class complex; here I saw the lighting in the passageway as being reminiscent of the light from a projector in a ‘film noir’ movie… I used two lights on my subject here, one softened via a shoot through umbrella, and the other deliberatly harsh gridded spot on the side of Clark’s face… © Michael Evans Photographer 2013

The following image was taken with a more relaxed feel in mind… I always try to incorporate some shots which do not have the the subject looking straight at the camera for the sake of variety. although I am only posting 4 shots from this session, I work as fast as I can as I am somewhat ‘greedy’, and like to obtain as much material from a shoot as is possible…part of the beauty of shooting digitally…!

Mr Clark Kirby, Village Roadshow Ltd
Here I wanted to keep the warmth of the light behind Clark, consequently I removed the filter on my flash so that it did not match the colour balance of the prevailing tungsten light, and gave a fairly warm tone to the skin… © Michael Evans Photographer 2013

I love working with reflections where possible… The key is in where to position the main light source…

Mr Clark Kirby, Village Roadshow Ltd
Obviously I was looking at the complementary reflection here… Just one light source used… © Michael Evans Photographer 2013

whenever I am shooting, I always visualize what I am trying to achieve before bringing the camera to my eye and place my lights and subject accordingly. In this instance I was very definitely ‘thinking’ in black and white…

Mr Clark Kirby, Village Roadshow Ltd
Taken in the Gold Class cinema, I dragged the shutter here combined with flash (x2 separate lights ) to create a more dynamic feel to the image, and then added some film grain in post production… © Michael Evans Photographer 2013

All in all the session was a lot of fun, so thank you Clark!


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