A New Website, and a Sad Farewell…

Although I actually uploaded my new portfolio website (www.michaelevansphotographer.com) about 4 weeks ago, I am still in the process of adding content on a daily basis. While I use this blog for posting mainly about my travels, it is of course working as an architectural, commercial and industrial photographer based in Melbourne Australia that I make my living. As such I decided it was time to update my portfolio website, but I also must stress that this blog will continue it’s existence…

I can honestly say that over the years I have become ever more passionate about my work, and the entire process of creating images. I particularly enjoy the challenges inherent in photographing architecture, and I believe this stems in no small part from my time spent working for multi disciplinary design giant Rodney Fitch back in London during the mid 1980’s. I vividly remember  a conversation with Rodney during which he asked me ‘How do I approach photographing retail interiors and buildings in general..?’, to which I replied somewhat naively perhaps that I always sought to make the project look better on film than it does to the eye… The huge smile that appeared on Rodney’s face confirmed that this was indeed the right approach, as simple and obvious as it no doubt sounds. Although we lost touch after I moved to Australia, I was at least able to reconnect and share my gratitude and some fond memories with him a year before he very sadly passed in October 2014. A memorial was held in London recently celebrating his life, however due to the great distances involved I was unfortunately unable to attend.

There are many tributes to Rodney and his achievements online, indeed Sir Richard Branson recognised the brilliance of the man and entered into a business partnership with him in the Asian pacific region specialising in designing entertainment interiors, retail and brand communication graphics. To me however as a simple photographer, I never forgot the passion and drive of the man combined with his inherent ability to make whoever he was talking to feel like the most important person in the room. Yes he had his moods, but I learned more about learning to look, and  at the same time learning also to see, (I would argue that the two are not the same thing) from my time spent working for Rodney than from any other source. I don’t think passion is something that you can learn, but given the right source I do believe it is something infectious that you can catch!

After moving to Australia I have found that my work and range of client industries has naturally diversified. It is still hard for me to answer when asked ‘what do you most enjoy photographing?’ because I really do enjoy it all! My job is to solve visual problems, be it highlighting the beauty of a new office chair or showcasing underground ventilation systems. I do admit that the masochist in me does particularly enjoy working in challenging environments such as at the bottom of a mine, or hanging out of the door of a helicopter. As a scuba diver I have yet to have been offered any underwater assignments, but naturally I certainly would jump at the opportunity!

Michael Evans Photographer website © Michael Evans Photographer 2015
In building the new site I have moved from a flash based design to a more search and mobile friendly HTML site; I also had become tired of the dark grey feel, and am pleased with the lighter and brighter approach which I feel compliments the images… © Michael Evans Photographer 2015

Apart from the actual platform that I have used to build the website, one of the other major differences is a substantially enlarged travel stock section. Ironically given my country of origin and my current home, I have yet to really add many images to the Australian and UK portfolios, but it is most certainly on my ‘to do’ list.

Thank you for reading, please do have a look and don’t hesitate to get in touch or notify me of any broken links or errors…


11 thoughts on “A New Website, and a Sad Farewell…

  1. Your enthusiasm and love of photography shines through in everything you do. Rodney Fitch undoubtedly had a tremendous influence on the path you have taken and your work ethic. However, the way you perceive your subjects, and then subsequently present them, is surely an inborn talent. Truly wonderful photography.

    1. Thank you so much!! This blog will continue, the new website however is for my professional portfolio; both will run concurrently, so do stay here and you can check out any new portfolio images from the link… Thank you again for your kind comments!!

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