Multi Image panorama of Mount Gambier's Blue Lake © Michael Evans Photographer 2014 -

The Blue Lake in Mount Gambier…

This single image post is from the return leg of a recent trip to South Australia, whereby I broke up my journey back to Melbourne with a stop in Mount Gambier to view the famous Blue Lake.

The Lake is thought to average a depth of around 72m, with the crater rim measuring some 1200 metres by 824 metres.

Much as I enjoy working in Photoshop, the vivid cobalt blue colour in this multi image panorama is actually accurate (or, as accurate as it can be while viewed in the non colour managed world that is the web!); the lake turns this beautiful blue from November to March, returning to a colder steel colour for the remainder of the year. Apparently this change in colour is thought to be linked to the warming of the upper water layers, which causes micro crystals of calcium carbonate to form, which scatter the blue wavelengths of sunlight (thank goodness for Wikipedia!).

Multi Image panorama of Mount Gambier's Blue Lake © Michael Evans Photographer 2014 -
Multi image panorama of the Blue Lake, Mount Gambier SA – © Michael Evans Photographer 2014

The above panorama was as usual captured using the 5DMk 3 and 24-70 f2.8 L II.

Mount Gambier itself is a very pleasant city, and worth the stop over on the journey from Adelaide to Melbourne with a population of close to 28,000 (being the second most populous city in South Australia). Unfortunately I did not have enough time on this trip to explore more of the city, as I still had a good five and a half hours of road ahead of me on the way back to Melbourne. Next time…


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