Angers, Maine et Loire…

While I certainly enjoyed the few hours we spent in Angers, unfortunately it was during our visit that the weather changed against us and that Mel became unwell. Consequently we had only a relatively brief look around the castle, which houses the Apocalypse tapestry in a very dark room indeed. This image I shot handheld at an iso of 6400, and subsequently cleaned up in Photoshop.

Angers castle
Angers castle entrance… © Michael Evans Photographer 2013
Apocalypse tapestry, Angers
The Apocalypse tapestry at Chateau D’Angers… Apparently it is the oldest surviving French medieval tapestry… © Michael Evans Photographer 2013
French flag against a stormy sky
A stormy Tricolor…I have only added a little contrast here, this really was the way the weather was heading…! © Michael Evans photographer 2013

After Angers it was time to head onto Saumur, where I had an appointment with the worlds largest collection of armoured fighting vehicles…! Couldn’t help but stop and shoot this panoramic on the way…

Canola field in France
On the road to Saumur… © Michael Evans Photographer 2013

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