Corporate Video For Melbourne Winery…

Commercial and industrial video production, Melbourne

While I still work primarily as a photographer, I do also produce simple corporate videos for my clients. This particular piece was put together for the fabulous crew at Rob Dolan Winery, who asked me to document Rob’s interesting career and associations that led to the founding of his own brand within the beautiful Yarra Valley, combined with a brief description of the amazing range of wines that they produce.

The interview was shot over a 45 minute unscripted session, with the winery and vintage footage having been captured over a couple of preceding shoots. All of the footage was shot on my Canon 5D Mk III and 5DSR, and subsequently cut together in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition. The video above will automatically play at a lower 480p resolution, but can be viewed at higher quality 1080p HD resolution for those with a faster internet connection simply by clicking on the settings button (looks like a gear wheel) in the bottom right hand corner of the movie frame.

Personally I really enjoy the flexibility that comes with shooting very high quality video on DSLR cameras; I certainly enjoy using my current range of lenses for moving images; for instance any regular reader of my blog would know that I particularly favour the Canon 17mm TS-E lens for my architectural work, and naturally enough several sequences in the video were created taking advantage of this lens unique capabilities. It is of course the ability to render a very shallow depth of field on screen in a reasonably cost effective manner that also allows the DSLR’s to shine while making movies, and as such I have included several sequences using my much loved Canon 35 f1.4 L II, which when used wide open yields that lovely dreamy bokeh, or allows for some interesting focus racks…

This was a pure delight to produce; I have worked with Rob and his team for a number of years now producing all of the images for their website, and have immense respect for their skill and the wines that they produce; I would urge anyone living in or visiting Melbourne to drop by their recently opened cellar door for a tasting combined with a delicious cheese platter. Cellar door details can be found on the company website at

Further images from the winery can be found on my website (commercial and industrial galleries) at






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