© Michael Evans Photographer 2016

A Few From The Brecon Beacons National Park In Wales…

I have just returned from an all too brief trip to the UK to see my parents, who live in the beautiful village of Usk in Gwent, South Wales. Being based on the other side of the world, my visit was definitely not about spending hours taking photographs, but rather enjoying precious moments of family time. Naturally enough though I did take my camera, and grabbed the following images on a short walk after lunch at the Brecon Beacons visitor information centre.

Before leaving Australia I did briefly consider taking both the 5D Mk III and the 5DSR with me, but eventually decided to just go with the newer camera as a means of further evaluating it. The 5D Mk III has proved to be an incredible workhorse, and while some bemoan it’s lack of dynamic range by comparison to other brands, I have just learned how to best work with the files and extract the maximum detail and range for my images. However, I am still putting the 5DSR through it’s paces, and so decided it would be my body of choice, packing it into my backpack along with the 24-70 f2.8 L II, 16-35 f4, 17mm TS-E and the 70-200mm f2.8 II (obviously traveling light!!)

With my flight arriving at Heathrow at 7.00am, I had one day in London before heading down to Wales and was keen to try some panoramic shots of the city, taking full advantage of the incredible detail that a 50.6 Mp sensor offers. I am still processing the London shots, but the following shots from the Beacons were all captured handheld using the 5DSR; certainly the shots of my parents will likely be of very little interest to anyone but myself, but they are fun for me as well as giving me a better feel for the files and capabilities of my new camera.

© Michael Evans Photographer 2016
This image is comprised of 5 shots stitched together, yielding lovely detail, none of which can be really appreciated on screen but is superb in print © Michael Evans Photographer 2016
© Michael Evans Photographer 2016
Stormy afternoon on the Beacons; this view shows very tame terrain compared to other areas, which is why the SAS and many other units spend so much time training here… Ruggedly beautiful © Michael Evans Photographer 2016
© Michael Evans Photographer 2016
Dad after conquering the mountain – the real benefit of the 5DSR is of course the incredible resolution. This was just a fun snap, but with so many pixels to play with I can still crop it to suit my eye as below… © Michael Evans Photographer 2016
© Michael Evans Photographer 2016
Still not a 100% crop, but perhaps a more balanced shot… © Michael Evans Photographer 2016
© Michael Evans Photographer 2016
© Michael Evans Photographer 2016
© Michael Evans Photographer 2016
What’s in the pond..? I never did find out! © Michael Evans Photographer 2016
© Michael Evans Photographer 2016
Dramatic light over the Beacons © Michael Evans Photographer 2016

Of course I am still learning the capabilities and idiosyncrasies of the 5DSR, and while it handles just like the 5D Mk III, it really does require far more finesse in terms of technique. In many ways it is not so much a difficult camera to use, rather it just demands a little more thought before each press of the shutter release in order to ensure crisp images. Remembering back to the days when I transitioned from the original 5D ‘classic’ to the 1Ds Mk III and 5D Mk II, I realise that it is just a matter of time  before new habits are ingrained, and furthermore I do relish the challenge that comes with the camera. I always laugh when people say ‘great photo’s, you must have a great camera!’ On occasion I simply reply ‘Yes, I let it out this weekend and look what it came back with!!’ By thoroughly learning the abilities and foibles of any new equipment, it enables me to simply get back to the process of knowing what is possible and creating the shot in my mind’s eye before I even take the picture – certainly my happy place!


5 thoughts on “A Few From The Brecon Beacons National Park In Wales…

  1. The quality of the images captured is very evident even on a smallish laptop. The Brecon Beacons is a beautiful area of the country – your parents chose wisely!

    1. Thanks Andy, I really appreciate your kind comments! The little village of Usk where my parents live has a lovely country pub in the main square called ‘The Nag’s Head’…highly recommended if you are in the area (food is fairly typical pub grub, but the atmosphere is wonderful!)

  2. Beautiful countryside and images! Some of it looks similar to our foothills below the high peaks here in western Colorado. Glad you are getting used to your new camera … I shoot with a 5DII & 5DIII.

    1. Hi Denise, I’m sorry I can’t believe I missed your comment! Thank you for your kind words,, I really do appreciate it. I still love love the 5DIII, but could never really get on with the 5DII (just missed the decent AF)… The 5DSR is a challenge, but when you get it right, the files are fantastic!

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