© Michael Evans Photographer 2016

A Morning Walk Along Lucca’s Encircling Wall’s…

The Renaissance era city walls surrounding the beautiful city of Lucca were originally built as fortifications; however after such needs became largely irrelevant, the pedestrian promenade (which is also known as the Passeggiata delle Mura Urbane), has since become a delightful 4km walk. There are four principle sides to the walls, each of which is linked to the bastions and gateways; interestingly, each side is lined with a different species of tree. The walk is a must do experience for anyone visiting this lovely city, as it offers amazing views and offers the opportunity to stroll with the locals.

© Michael Evans Photographer 2016
© Michael Evans Photographer 2016

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8 thoughts on “A Morning Walk Along Lucca’s Encircling Wall’s…

  1. Dear Michael,
    Im really loving your imagery of Italy, and often send it on to my daughter who lived in Chiavari for 3 years.
    It is making us both very homesick for that beautiful part of the world.
    With best wishes and enjoy your wonderful travels.
    Athalie Bazzani

    1. Hi Allie and Chris, thank you for your kind comments! Italy really is a photographer’s paradise as you know; I just wish I had more time and $$ to really explore…

      I hardly ever shoot at f22 due to the degrading effects of diffraction. The sweet spot for most lenses, whereby the sharpest possible image can be attained is generally between f4 – f5.6. Naturally this limits your depth of field, but it does give you the sharpest possible result. I tend to push this a little and shoot at between f8 and f11 if I am after an expanded depth of field, but never more than that (unless using medium or large format etc). This particular image was captured at 1/50 second at f8 ISO 200 btw. I hope this helps! Best regards, Michael

      1. Wow, thanks for the knowledge. I thought that because the picture was detailed from front to back you used a much smaller aperture. Still learning about this stuff. I’ll probably ask you about future pictures you take, FYI. They’re all so good. Thanks again!

      2. Absolutely my pleasure! Don’t forget that the wider angle lenses give the ‘impression’ of having a greater depth of field – they don’t, the dof is the same on any lens, (ie f5.6 is f5.6 no matter what lens you use assuming the same sensor size), but the eye is tricked into seeing greater overall sharpness and detail. All the best Michael

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