Capturing The Light In St Peter’s Basilica…

Handheld using the 17mm TS-E. As would be obvious from previous posts, I particularly enjoy working with this lens; I enjoy the fact that it does slow down the photographer since any amount of shift will result in a questionable meter reading. Now I always work in full manual, and really through experience with this lens can pretty much correctly estimate how much deviation (either more or less) from the metered exposure I need to compensate, and so render a good exposure. It reminds me of my days spent working with my Sinar f2 4 x 5 inch (which I still own), whereby every image is deliberately captured or created, rather than simply ‘snapped’. I read a thread recently on the Canon Rumors forums which discussed this lens and the consensus seemed to be that it really needs to be used on a tripod. While I would not disagree with this, I must also point out that it is perfectly possible to use it very successfully hand held, something which I certainly enjoy doing…

St Peter's Basilica, Rome- © Michael Evans Photographer 2015
St Peter’s Basilica, Rome- © Michael Evans Photographer 2015

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