Mining Photography…

Nice to get the occasional front cover, even if it is for a Canadian publication…

© Michael Evans Photographer 2015
Canadian Institute of Mining magazine October 2015 © Michael Evans Photographer 2015

Actually shot here in NSW at Tritton Copper Mine using 3 separate off camera flash units. Working underground is always a challenge, but one that I absolutely relish. The first order of business after donning all the necessary PPE (hard hat, self rescue kit etc) is to allow the equipment to acclimatise to the humid environment underground. On this occasion it took about 30 minutes for the viewfinder and lenses to demist, time that I spent setting up and testing the flash units; I tend to favour the Canon ST- E3-RT and 600 EX Speedlite system, and naturally everything is thoroughly checked prior to heading underground, but I always carry an insurance backup option in the form of a brace of Pocket Wizards flash triggers. I simply cannot afford to be unable to shoot due to equipment failure, since every moment underground is expensive for my client, and the mining work does not stop simply to create some images…

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