The fascinating city of Dubai…

Stopped over in Dubai for a shoot and a few days sightseeing on the way to Europe…

Panoramic image of Dubai skyline from the beach
The dramatic (and new) panoramic Dubai skyline from the beach

Naturally I had to visit Burj Khalifa, the current holder of the ‘World’s Tallest Building’ title (until the project in Suadi Arabia is completed), and it certainly offers some amazing views. It is hard to believe just how quickly this city has grown out of the sand…

view of downtown Dubai from Burj Khalifa
Downtown Dubai from the Burj Khalifa

The viewing deck is only about halfway up this amazing building on level 124; the building itself is just over 828 metres in height. Certainly not for those with a fear of heights! Personally I loved the building, and marvelled at the incredible feat of engineering, vision, work and  sheer determination that brought it into reality (combined with some very deep pockets..!)

Aerial view of Dubai Hotel swimming pool
Swimming pool of the hotel opposite Burj Khalifa – Ramada Downtown Dubai

Rare moment of peace on the Burj Khalifa viewing deck – this lucky chap had a considerable section all to himself for a few minutes. In fairness, the number of visitors are staggered to ensure that everyone has a good experience…

Image of Burj Khalifa viewing deck
Burj Khalifa viewing deck

The Ramada Downtown Dubai, and the Address Downtown Dubai hotels both enclosed in this building complex offer some fantastic views of the Burj Khalifa building…

Image of Ramada Downtown Dubai hotel
Ramada Downtown Dubai hotel

One of the things that I really enjoyed as a photographer visiting Burj Khalifa was the cut out window portals which easily allow a lens to poke through; all at different heights to cater for everyone!

Image of the roof of the Dubai Mall
The roof of the Dubai Mall

While in Dubai I saw a humorous photo which really encapsulates the sheer size of the Dubai Mall – it was a picture of Bear Grylls with the caption ‘Walk from one end of the Dubai Mall to the other – better drink my own p*ss’

The view from in front of Burj Khalifa looking across to the Ramada Downtown Hotel…

Night view of the Ramada Downtown Hotel, Dubai
Night view of the Ramada Downtown Hotel, Dubai

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